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huanyupcb.com Aluminum pcb led mcpcb pcb manufacturer

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huanyupcb.com Aluminum pcb led mcpcb pcb manufacturer Empty huanyupcb.com Aluminum pcb led mcpcb pcb manufacturer

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HuanYu Future Technologies Co., Ltd is one of the China leading Printed Circuit Board Manufacturing Enterprises.

Manufacturing Capacity
24 hours turn time on double sides PCB's,2-4 days for multilayer PCB's.
Producing over 5,000 unique part numbers per month .
Current products manufactured include backplanes, hybrid pcb,HDI pcb,
High TG pcb
, High Frequency pcb, Halogen Free pcb, metal core pcb  
aluminum pcb mcpcb, Flexible pcb and more.

Production Capabilities

Layers count: 2- 14 Pilot run: 32 layers
Min Line width/spacing(mil): 2.5/2.5
Max Aspect Ratio: 22:1
Board thickness: 0.13-7.0mm
Max Panel size: 23"x35"
Material: FR-4,High Tg FR-4,Halogen free,High Frequency,Thick copper,aluminum,Polyimide
(Rogers,Arlon,Taconic, Bergquist ,LAIRD Nelco...)etc.
Surface Treatment: HASL,ENIG,ENEPIG,Immersion Silver,Immersion Tin,Flash Gold,Golden Finger,OSP,Lead free HASL etc.

Best Regards
HuanYu Future Printed Circuit Board Technologies Co., Ltd.

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